Cycles of Life

We are working on a new project- together with Author House who is publishing this new poetry collection called Cycles of Life -

It's a collection of  poems illustrated by the larger than life paintings of Safwan Dahoul - Thank you so so much Safwan for allowing me to do this! 

"This poetry collection is your passport to a profound exploration through life's intricate cycles, unraveling emotional and mental landscapes, finding escapes from selfcreated labyrinths."

                                    Author House 

A taste from

"Cycles of life" 

Walking on a Tightrope

Dyalisis Machine

Ols Tracks

A Vision is Gained

Safwan Dahoul is one of the foremost painters in the Arab

world. He has repeatedly d emon s t r a t e d how contemporary modes of

figuration can describe the psychic terrain of a region that is in constant flux.

He is known for his melancholic and monochromatic works that present influences from the Cubist style to Assyrian and Pharaonic art.

The dream series explore the physical and psychological effects of alienation, solitude and longing that punctuate the human experience at various stages in life.

Partly autobiographical, this seminal body of work uses the formal properties of painting to recreate the subconscious sense of enclosure that surfaces during

times of Chrysis.

The artists recuring female protagonist facilitates this visceral experience trough her contorted body, often vacant eyes, and minimized yet monumental physicality.