With GaleriaZero in Venice NEL MEZZO

May-June 2022 at Latteria Moderna

A snapshot from La Serenissima

Click on the picture to see a shortfilm about our exhibition and to get the vibe of Bienal in Venice. Enjoy!

With GaleriaZero in Berlin

16-20 August 2022 at Forum Factory

We exhibited works by Ragnhild Lundén, Rasoul Moarek Nejad, Joao Fereira, Susan Soneck, Kent karlsson, Ulf König, Karel Stoop and others.

Click on the picture to see a shortfilm about our exhibition where all artists and their works are presented.

ZAIN "The future of Work"

Festival of Creativity Cluj Romania

I was greatful to ba able to participate to the Festival of Creativity in Cluj by the beginning of October. There were both performances, seminars and many surprises !

Antonia Nilsson is a poet and novelist who loves art. She collaborates with several artists

all over the world and writes poems inspired by the atmosphere and ideas that emerge from the meeting between writing and visual arts.

Her debut novel was published by Pegasus Publishing "Sylvia ans Amalia" 2007

2022 at the art Biennale in Venice she collaborated with the Swedish artist Ragnhild

Lunden resulting in a poetry collection " The Cosmological Meaning of Life" translated to German "Das Kosmologische Sinn des Lebens"

2023 "Cycles of Life" Autor House together with the artist Safwan Dahoul

2024 "I am one of them"the second autobiographic novel is planed to be released in the beginning of nexy year.

Antonia aims to turn poetry into a way of living together with dance, performance, and music. So also, for this book "Cycle of life". The poems are partly autobiographical showing mental landscapes and processes in flux between the material world and the realm of subconsciousness. It addresses ways in which a person can give painful and traumatic events a meaning. In her poems Antonia addresses the deep humbleness, humanity, and divinity in one that only arts can address.