I am a poet and I see life as a sequence of poems in action in the same way as dance is a sequence of poses. 


My passion lies on the crossroads between the arts, philosophy and science.

I am a physicist with a specialty in particle physics. However, over the years the arts have become indispensable to me in order to make sense of my life and our world.

Artist statement


I try to explore the complex psychological paths hidden in our bodies and minds. I believe in the transcendence into something bigger, impossible to grasp but familiar. I am thinking of that complete love stabbing you, lifting you beyond any religions, doctrines or philosophies, going through sentiments, passing them, leaving you speechless.


I try to address the deep humility, HUMANITY and DIVINITY in one, that only the arts can address. That larger than life feeling, the sensation of being acutely aware of something extraordinary … 

Readings from my two poetry collections.

Creating memorable experiences with poetry, art and music.

New poem collection in collaboration with the visual artist Sawfan Dahoul